We’re tracking down the most bizarre food things we find in the deep, dark corners of the internet. This week, our resident bizarre food expert Juliann DiNicola digs through eBay to find you the world’s weirdest chips.


Drunkenly stumbling into a corner store on a late night snack mission in London, I found my first weird Pringle flavor: the Prawn Pringle. What is this rare beast? I wondered. What other offerings does Pringles have for us across the globe?

And the answer is: many. So many. 100+ flavors and counting, to be exact. Sort of.

Wanting to try them all, I took to eBay to see if the internet could help. Turns out, the listings for rare and foreign Pringles are pretty robust—but, like all the finer things in life, they come at a price. So here they are: the weirdest Pringles flavors currently available for purchase on eBay, from cheapest to most expensive.

10. Pringles Hot Diggity Dog: $9.99

Care to enjoy the flavor of meaty salt water packed on a chip? Then Hot Diggity Dog is the flavor for you. I’m unsure why the flavor was marketed to Americans, or why it was packaged in a pink can, but hey, why not?

Photo via theimpulsivebuy

9. Pringles Crab: $9.99

Also in a pink can, the crab flavor is one of the few flavors sold only in Russia. Blueberry & Hazelnut is a whole other story for a whole other article.

Photo via Alexa

8. Pringles Pecan Pie: $10.49

A holiday edition chip in the U.S., it is widely regarded as their best attempt at a sweet and salty chip, but I still don’t trust it.

Photo via Mike Mozart

7. Pringles Eggs Benedict: $10.99

I understand why this Japanese flavor got the green light, but i’ll be amazed if all the separate, milky flavors that make an eggs Benedict good translate well to a chip.

Photo via Daniel Feit

6. Pringles Jalapeño Bacon: $11.49

If there was an official national flavor of the U.S.A., I think this would be it.

Photo via theimpulsivebuy

5. Pringles Mushroom Soup: $11.49

A Japanese flavor that comes in a smokey grey can to really remind you that you paid $11.49 for a can of chips.

This flavor is so exclusive we can only present you with its origins. Photo via Wikimedia

4. Pringles Wasabi Mayo: $11.99

Wasabi is great and all, but I’d rather leave the mayo shame flavor out of a chip. Needless to say, I bet these are damn delicious.

Photo via theimpulsivebuy

3. Pringles Mustard Nugget Sauce: $12.49

Hell yeah! A chip flavored with that mellow yellow sauce that is kinda mustard but probably a little of something else, sold by chicken places everywhere. Strong move, Pringles.

Like this, but in Pringles form. Photo via pixabay

2. Pringles Bourbon BBQ Chicken: $15.60

Not sure why the price tag on this one is so high, seeing that you can get a gallon of bourbon BBQ chicken at any mall in America for $3.00.

Photo via theimpulsivebuy

1. Pringles Salted Caramel: $27.99

Ah, the year of the ol’ salted caramel . I’m sure these are pretty gross, and they only sell the cans in packs of two, making these chips risky and expensive little devils.

Photo via theimpulsivebuy

There you have it, some of the weirdest and priciest Pringles on eBay right now. Have you tried any of the 100+ other flavors? Tweet at us your favorites (and least favorites).