It’s hard to explain the

Satisfaction of

One roll,

Divided into eight

P i e c e s.

Bathed in soy sauce,

Topped with perhaps,




That feeling in your

Nose, with the

Tears and the

Almost crying.

How I love to suffer

Through the journey

Of Wasabi

Marry me, like you

Marry the flavors of—

Oooooh ma mee.


Never Felt So Classy.

Have you ever been

So obsessed with a food

That you go home and

Read the recipes,

Watch the movies,

Learn the tricks of the sushi trade,

All so you can practice

By yourself?

You’re not even bragging

When you say

“I get sushi.”


Give me that no greasy fill,

That rice on the inside,

Sesame flavors singing from afar.

Order too much

Finish it all,

Live and soak in that feeling of


For you’ll be hungry again in

Two hours—

Don’t you worry.