Dish-free foods have been around since the beginning of time, but they’ve taken on a new importance these days, as the collective concern about our global waste rises with the sea levels. The 21st century has provided us with plenty of inventive and efficient ways to minimize our environmental impact, but our favorite might be the most obvious: just make objects edible.

Let Them Eat Candles : Edible birthday candles

Birthdays are great. It’s a day where excessive self celebration is not only acceptable, but encouraged. But what’s not great is when your candles melt on your beautiful birthday cake, a tragic mix of both toxic and sad.

Lorree Sandler, founder of “Let Them Eat Candles”, who has solved this problem with one simple solution: chocolate. These chocolate candles have a small wick on top that will burn for about a minute, long enough to last through a full round of happy birthday!

Edibles by Jack : Edible Asian spoons

There aren’t many things that suck about cocktail hour. Unlimited food being passed around is a dream come true (well, at least for me). Yet amongst all the excitement of tiny, little plates whizzing by, you sometimes find yourself with a utensil you can’t seem to get rid of other than to toss it in a plant of stow it in your pocket, only to be grossed out later.

“Edibles by Jack” has created the Edible Asian Spoon, a game-changer for the hors d’oeuvres aficionados amongst us. These edible spoons come in two sizes and 15 flavors, ranging from sweet to spicy to salty.

Loliware : Edible cups

Everyone gets lazy sometimes. There are days we decide to dress down a bit, and there are days we can barely get out of bed. But the worst are the days where we can’t even be bothered to wash a cup.

“Loliware” has a line of edible cups perfect for the conscious consumer and the person on the go. The cups come in different flavors to compliment any beverage your heart desires (as long as it’s not hot). Not in the mood to eat your tableware? No problem; Loliware cups are biodegradable.

Do Eat : Edible serving vessels

While hosting events is one of the greatest joys life can give, it comes along with an unavoidable presence: dishes. Whether you choose disposable or reusable, there’s no winning. It’s a pile in the sink or a pile in the trash bin.

A Belgian company called “Do Eat” has created the most versatile item a host/hostess can own: edible paper. The product is simple: there are different kits stylized to fit the needs of a specific food being served. The paper itself has no taste, and edible ink can also be purchased to turn this awesome food accessory into an edible decoration. We don’t know what could make cleanup easier.