Pizza Pals is our regular video series featuring music & pizza aficionado Colin Atrophy Hagendorf, better known as the Slice Harvester , interviewing the most cutting-edge musicians in his favorite pizzerias.


Whether you call him “Mozzarella Mami,” “Pepperoni Papi,” “Parmesan Don,” or just Colin, by now you know the man behind the slices. But who you *really* need to know is Jade Payne, the guitarist for two primo punk bands, Aye Neko and Fleabite .

Over slices at vegan-friendly Brooklyn pizzeria Vinnie’s (yes, the same Vinnie’s that made a pizza box entirely out of pizza ), Jade reminisces about Pizza Hut’s good old days as a sit-down restaurant, gets real about navigating the music business as a queer woman of color, and schools us on the best cheese puffs on the market.