Our Team

Daniel Stedman | CEO & Publisher

Danny co-founded Northside Media Group in 2003. He likes deli coffee, gluten, and salisbury steak.

Will Levitt | Festival & Awards Director

Will Levitt became interested in food when he started a catering business with his best friend in middle school, which they ran for six years. Before joining Taste Talks, he was the director of LongHouse Food Revival, a national gathering of food thought leaders, and wrote about food for publications including Food52, The Brooklyn Paper, Serious Eats, Edible, The Huffington Post and more. His favorite food is a good sandwich.

Brian Quinn | Programming Director

Brian started his career in the music industry, and helped produce hundreds of concerts globally during his tenure managing world-renowned jazz artists for 10 years. Brian began his work in the food and beverage industry when he co-founded The Noble Rot in 2009, an underground supper club in New York dubbed “a new form of clandestine drinking” by Tasting Table. Friends in the Milk & Honey family taught Brian the ropes of classic craft cocktails and renowned Brooklyn oyster house Maison Premiere instilled his love for hospitality and two-star service. Brian also curates the on-stage content and events in technology and innovation for Northside Festival, and previously curated Social Media Week, CreativeMornings and WIRED Brand Lab. He lives in Brooklyn.

Alexander Pipes | Marketing Manager

Photo by Mackenzie Anne Smith

Alexander is a Southern-born macaroni and cheese connoisseur and marketing maestro. When she isn’t scouring menus around the boroughs for cheese-based dishes, she can likely be found listening to Wilco or in a sunny spot petting dogs and contemplating the perfect karaoke song. But to be honest, the cheese does take up a lot of her time.

Jennifer Mills | Sales & Event Coordinator

Jennifer Mills grew up in southern Maine. Yes, she likes lobster. No, she does not have the same accent as a Bostonian. After making it out of the frozen North and into college in New York City, she wasted a couple of years in Manhattan before settling down in Greenpoint. There, she hopes to learn Polish through eating as many pierogis as possible (that totally works, right?). She could probably name every movie that Shirley Maclaine was ever in (chronologically). When not at Northside you can find her reading very masculine novels and trying to grow a beard.

Juliann DiNicola | Director of Digital Marketing & Community Affairs

Juliann oversees digital marketing initiatives, including ticketing, social media and e-mail marketing. She also works to build relationships other local businesses and community members. She also (sometimes) writes for Brooklyn Magazine and Taste Talks.

On the rare occasions she is not working, she enjoys live music, riding her bicycle, and generally being a busy body. She likes sandwiches, lipstick, and getting really pissed off about the political situation of the world. But mostly she likes Majical Cloudz and records that came out between 2003-2009.

Feel free to e-mail her at juliann@northsidemediagroup.com, she likes to be helpful.

Sarah Zorn | Food Editor

Sarah Zorn is the food editor of Brooklyn magazine and the author of Brooklyn Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from Coney Island to Brooklyn Heights. Although she lived in Park Slope (before it was cool), Ditmas Park (before it was cool), and Bay Ridge (before it was cool), she eventually moved to a far-flung corner of Bath Beach for the chance to own a fig tree, which she shares with the two loves of her life, her husband, Fred, and a hound dog mix named Rowdy.

You can reach Sarah at szorn@northsidemediagroup.com.

Joey Rubin | Taste Talks LA Special Projects

Joey Rubin is an entrepreneur and consultant based in Los Angeles, California. Over the last decade he’s built and advised premium lifestyle brands across hospitality with creative direction, content and event programming, and marketing strategy.

work: 1230gold.com/work

twitter: twitter.com/taste

insta: instagram.com/joey.rubin/