We’re tracking down the most bizarre food things we find in the deep, dark corners and bright shiny headlights of the internet.

This week, our writer Juliann DiNicola tastes the wide, wide range of marijuana-laced snacks.


What’s blisteringly hot, kind of confusing, and smells like chronic? The High Times Cannabis Cup, of course.

Last weekend, my buddies and I piled in the truck and made the trek from L.A. to San Bernardino for the festivities. Earlier in the week I had visited my very first marijuana doctor (you need a prescription to enter the event) and he blessed me with a prescription to address my crippling anxiety by medicating with pot. The experience of getting a prescription to smoke from an ex-gynecologist is odd enough in itself, but it’s a mere blip on the map the weirdest part of my Cannabis Cup journey: the food.

Entering the “medicated” section of the Cannabis Cup (you have to show your prescription at the gate) was like entering a weird concrete market, stuffed to the gills with weed paraphernalia and goodies. While the novelty of being able to smoke in public whenever I desire was not lost on me, it was the selection of edibles that moved me to a true state of bliss. Unlike the awful homemade pot cookies you get in cities where medical marijuana isn’t legal, these menus were insane. And I tried ALL the things.

I kicked off the day with a gigantic “Medicated” strawberry lemonade, which was so sweet and delicious that I crushed it within seconds, forgetting it was chock full of THC. I followed that with a “medicated” pastrami: that’s right, hot meat cooked in THC oil. It was a hard choice, since the same vendor was boasting “medicated” bacon wrapped hot dogs, but I went with the one that sounded the most terrible.


I also proceeded to pick up pre-packaged chocolates, artisanal cookies, and Sour Patch-style edibles as I went. I wanted to eat everything, but consumption just meant getting progressively more and more stoned. Being stuffed at a food festival is normal, but pairing that with being incredibly high is another story. Kush tacos, “medicated” olive oil for cooking, cheese puffs, Bright green lollipops, wax dabs, Rice Krispie treats: you name it, is was being sold under tents in the smoky, sweltering sun.

That last thing I could will myself to eat in the few hours I was at the Cannabis Cup came in the form of an empanada. I’m not normally a huge fan, but I was so charmed by this sign taped to the bathroom door that I said fuck it, I will eat that thing.


The mix of homemade and commercially produced and distributed THC packed food is a curious new market, but it’s one that I am glad to got the chance to taste. How will these products move and grow and medical marijuana becomes legal in more states is still TBD, but I have faith. After all, if anyone knows the power of comfort food, it’s the marijuana industry.