Salad: that healthy but necessary evil. We eat them on the go, when we’re trying to shape up for summer, or when we’re feeling especially nutrient-deficient.

Champagne: that beautiful, bubbly babe of the wine world. The stuff toasts and celebrations are made of. Perhaps, in some ways, the antithesis of tossed greens and veggies.

Girard’s aimed to marry these two unlikely comestibles into a salad dressing worthy of the chef treatment, and who better than a chef used to catering to the stars? Chef Suzanne Tracht , of Los Angeles hot spot Jar , took Girard’s champagne dressing to the next level: six courses for Eater L.A. critic Farley Elliott . We sent a video crew to capture the meal, bite by bite.

Inspire the Meal: Suzanna Tracht’s Tangy, Fresh Menu With Girard’s Dressing from Mode Media on Vimeo .

First up is a baby beet salad with Persian cucumber, hazelnuts, burrata cheese, and Girard’s dressing:

The second course was a chophouse onion-and-tomato salad with Wagyu skirt steak and Roquefort cheese:

Chef Tracht’s third course was a cuttlefish salad with shaved fennel, oroblanco grapefruit, Hass avocado, and jalapeño:

Next up was Jar’s chopped salad, but it’s transformed with the addition of Girard’s dressing, which pairs perfectly with the feta and olives in the salad:

Chef Tracht’s take on the classic French Niçoise salad includes artic char, haricots verts, fingerling potatoes, frisée, Niçoise olives, lemon, olive oil, and hard-cooked eggs:

And last, but certainly not least—a prime rib beef bone over a spring onion salad, with tamarind added to the dressing to create a bright sauce: