Getting chefs to come out of the kitchen to have their picture taken is an endeavor in and of itself, but for Bruce Kramer of the Salt of the Earth Book Project, it was easy.

Kramer got more than 50 of Los Angeles’ top chefs to come through SMUDGE Studio over a weekend for a one-of-a-kind shoot. From Wolfgang Puck to Neal Fraser, Broken Spanish’s Chef Ray Garcia to Courtney Storer of Jon & Vinny’s, these chefs all shared their harrowing, and often hilarious, first memories getting cut in the kitchen.

Chefs showed off their scars on set. Photo by Bruce Kramer

Salt of the Earth is an homage to the people who make up the awesome culture of the farmer’s markets with the focus being the relationship between chefs and farmers,” says Kramer. “Our book will tell stories of abundance and gratitude. We’re all so lucky today to have so many choices for fresh, delicious, healthy food. That’s the abundance. And we have fine folks, he farmers all over America. That’s the gratitude.”

Taste Talks was there with cameras rolling to capture candid conversations with some of Los Angeles’ best and brightest culinary stars about the state of food, what they hate to eat, why they became chefs, and how bad that damn thing bled.

Look out for full episodes of First Cut , our series in partnership with Salt of the Earth Project, coming soon. In the meantime, check out the teaser below.