When running an event, details matter. Sure, your souffle may be on point, but don’t forget to make your event memorable by adding some flourishes. For last year’s Taste Talks we partnered up with online print company MOO to add a little extra seasoning at our events:

The Event Guides

We used their Original Postcards to create the festival pass for the All Star BBQ at Brooklyn. The pass doubled up as a handy guide to the event’s line-up of world-renowned chefs including Ben Conniff and Matt Timms. The guides were attached to lanyards allowing guests to tackle their food with both hands.

Nick Murway

The Luxe Menus

MOO’s Luxe Postcards proved to be the perfect canvas on which to print the menus for the exclusive events which included a dessert party hosted by Questlove and Dominique Ansel. Just the perfect size to blend in with the luxury table setting, they provided guests details on what they’d be tasting that evening.

Nick Murway

The Ice Breakers

What’s worse than sitting next to someone at a dinner with nothing to say? We know that would never happen to you–but to ensure conversation flowed among our esteemed guests, we printed conversation starters that guests could pick up throughout the evening events. Printed on Luxe Business Cards, the prompt cards featured questions designed to get people talking and keep their focus on the food.

Nick Murway

It’s almost time for Taste Talks 2016 and we’re working with MOO on making this year’s events tastier than ever. As well as their beautiful stationery, MOO will be sharing their tips on how to capture the perfect food photo.